The board resolution of the Energy Market Regulatory Board (“EPDK”) dated 12 May 2022 and numbered 10971 (“Board Resolution”) was published in Official Gazette dated 13 May 2022 and numbered 31834. Thus, the provision of the Electricity Market Connection and System Usage Regulation (“Regulation“) regarding the agreed power -which expresses the electrical energy capacity given and received to transmission and distribution systems- cannot be exceeded. Accordingly, electrical energy to be supplied to these systems is exempted from this limit.

The power increases of the generation facilities that give electrical energy over the agreed power in the direction of delivery will be taken into account in the available capacity of the relevant generation facilities. However, if the power value determined by the application made within the scope of the Board Resolution is exceeded, the exceeding amount will be considered as overrun.

Upon the application to Turkish Electricity Transmission Corporation (“TEİAŞ”) and the relevant distribution company by the legal entities holding the electricity generation license regarding the power increase, the electricity they will give to the system above their agreed power will not be considered as power overrun from the 5th business day after the application date for the generation facilities connected to the transmission system, and the 10th business day for the generation facilities connected to the distribution system.

TEİAŞ or the relevant distribution company is authorized to limit the amount or duration of power increase, when it is required by the technical conditions or system operational safety.

The full text of the Board Resolution, which will be in effect until 30 September 2022, is available at this link. (Only available in Turkish)