Turkey has established a local Trade Facilitation Board (“Board”) for local coordination and facilitation of the World Trade Organization Trade Facilitation Agreement (“Agreement”), approved in February 2016 (more). The Board will develop trade facilitation strategies and action plans, as well as improve efficiency via coordination and cooperation between related parties.

The Board was established and announced by Prime Ministry Circular numbered 2016/27 (“Circular”), published in the Official Gazette number 29907 on 3 December 2016.

Co-presidents of the Board will be the Ministry of Customs and Trade Undersecretary and the Ministry of Economy Undersecretary. The Board will include delegates from various ministries, organizations, chambers and associations, convening to meet Turkey’s obligations under the Agreement.

The Board will meet at least twice per year, as well as whenever a need arises. A Technical Committee will also be established to assist the Board.

The Board’s working procedures, plus principles for the Board and the Technical Committee will be established in the Board’s first meeting. State institutions and organizations, non-governmental organizations, universities and private sector delegates may be invited to meetings when necessary.

State institutions and organizations must provide any necessary assistance to the Board and Technical Committee, to ensure the integrity of their works and coordination.

Please see this link for the full text of the Circular (only available in Turkish).