Turkey’s Ministry of Trade introduces amendments for price tags, amending the Regulation on Price Tags (“Regulation”) and the Communiqué on the Use of Domestic Manufacture Logo on Price Tags effective as of 27 July 2019.

Notable amendments are as follows:

  • The definition of “price tag” is revised so that labels require the tags to have other mandatory items specified in the Regulation as well as sale price, unit price, place of production, distinguishing features. Furthermore, the price tags can be in a written, digital or electronic form.
  • The price tags or price lists of the products bearing the domestic production logo does not have to indicate the place of production. “Domestic production” has been defined as:
  • Goods that are produced in Turkey by industrial enterprises within the context of Industrial Registration Law number 6948.
  • Domestic and handicraft products produced in Turkey.
  • Goods that are wholly produced or obtained in Turkey within the context of the Customs Law number 4458, which includes mineral products, vegetable products, live animals and products derived from live animals, et cetera.
  • The discounted sale prices now do not have to be shown in the same size as the sale price, however, it should be easily visible and readable in the tags, tariffs, and price lists.

The Regulation on Amending the Regulation on Price Tags (“Amendment Regulation”) and the Communiqué on Amending the Communiqué on the Use of Domestic Manufacture Logo on Price Tags (“Amendment Communiqué”) have been published in the Official Gazette dated 27 July 2019 number 30844, entering into force on the same date.

Please see this link for full text of the Amendment Regulation and this link for the Amendment Communiqué (only available in Turkish).