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Moroğlu Arseven advises and supports clients regarding all aspects of contentious tax matters, including assessments and investigations by the Turkish Tax Authority, as well as disputes over tax assessments, transfer pricing or tax evasion issues. The firm provides full-scope support for tax controversies, ranging from risk assessments and developing negotiation strategies, through to commencing proceedings, drafting petitions, dealing with tax inspectors and appearing in court. We represent corporations, trusts and high net worth individuals in all phases of their tax conflicts.

The firm offers significant capacity to advise on local dispute resolution options, including formal litigation processes as well as alternative dispute resolution. Often tax disputes arise due to misunderstandings and miscommunications with the Tax Authority which lead to inaccurate tax assessments.

Our strong dispute resolution team often supports clients to rectify mistakes and reduce or even completely avoid the amounts payable. Clients often draw on our team’s proactive advocacy and strong negotiation skills to make corrections which in turn help settle tax disputes quickly and cost-effectively via tax conciliation proceedings, without the need to resort to formal litigation. Coordinated advice from the outset of a tax conflict can ensure the flow of documents and information to the Tax Authority is controlled and does not inadvertently expose unnecessary risks.

Similarly, the firm increasingly helps clients deal with the recently introduced “invitation to explanation” procedure, whereby the Tax Authority invites taxpayers to provide a written explanation about a seemingly unlawful transaction before it initiates a full audit.

The Customs Authority tends to be primarily concerned with discrepancies by parties while declaring the specifications of goods during import/export. As a result, companies bringing products across Turkish borders often get caught in disputes over such declarations. We frequently assist clients with duty-related disputes, which the Customs Authority deals with under a separate collection and disputes process. We also support clients to object to customs-related duties, penalties and administrative decisions.

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