Turkey’s Ministry of Customs and Trade (“Ministry”) has continued to organize training courses and seminars in 2018, addressing intellectual property rights at customs points. The first was held in Mersin on 24 and 25 October 2018, attended by right holders, their representatives and customs officers. Around ten more similar trainings are expected for the future, although dates are not announced yet.

Given Turkey’s geographic position, customs points are critical points for detecting and preventing import or export of counterfeit products. The Ministry is aware of this importance and has organized customs training programs in the past to increase the awareness of customs officials about brands and goods, as well as share some tips to help determine whether goods are counterfeit.

Upon heavy demand by right holders, the Ministry has organized training courses and seminars in several regions again, one year on from earlier ones.

The Mersin training was attended by:

  • Representatives of 56 different trademarks.
  • 50 officers/supervisors from Mersin, Adana, Taşucu and Niğde Customs.
  • Two people from the Ministry.

During the seminars, right holders and their representatives gave presentations regarding product identification, as well as information about the general characteristics of original/counterfeit products, manufacturing relationships, and commonly inflow routes for counterfeit goods.

An authorized person from the Ministry gave a presentation about the Ministry’s Customs Watch Program, which provides protection for intellectual property rights.