The National Artificial Intelligence Strategy (2021-2025) is prepared by the Digital Transformation Office of the Presidency and the Ministry of Industry and Technology, taking the opinions of other stakeholders in order to determine a roadmap for the studies carried out in the field of artificial intelligence (“AI”) in Turkey.

Within this scope, Circular numbered 2021/18 on the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy (“Circular”) was published in the Official Gazette dated 20 August 2021 and numbered 31574, and the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy Document (“Strategy”) on Digital Transformation Office of the Presidency’s website on 24 August 2021.

It has been decided to establish a “National Artificial Intelligence Strategy Steering Committee” (“Steering Committee“) with the participation of the Head of the Digital Transformation Office of the Presidency and the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Technology in order to develop policies at the national level, disseminate the use of artificial intelligence technologies and monitor the applications within this scope. The Steering Committee will convene at least once every three months and may form sub-committees, advisory and working groups when it deems necessary.

The highlights of the Strategy, which was announced to the public on 24 August 2021, are briefly as follows:

i. Vision

The vision is determined as generating value on a global scale with an agile and sustainable AI ecosystem for Turkey.

ii. Six strategic priorities are determined

In order to realize the vision, six priorities have been determined in line with national policies and needs:

  • Educating ai experts and increasing employment in this field
  • Supporting research activities, entrepreneurship and innovation in the field of AI
  • Developing access to quality data and technical infrastructure
  • Making arrangements to accelerate socioeconomic adjustment
  • Strengthening cooperation at the international level
  • Accelerating structural and workforce transformation

iii. 24 objectives and 119 measures determined within the scope of strategic priorities.

These aims and measures outline the actions that the authorized institutions will determine in detail.

iv. Governance Mechanism

National AI Strategy Steering Mechanism, AI Ecosystem Advisory Group consisting of representatives from the private sector, academia and civil society, Action Plan Coordination Groups will be formed within the framework of the governance mechanism established for the effective implementation and coordination of the Strategy.

v. Goals

The high-level targets foreseen for 2025, which is the end of the implementation period of the Strategy, are as follows:

  • The contribution of AI to GDP will be increased to 5%.
  • Employment in the field of AI will be increased to 50,000 people.
  • Employment in the field of AI in central and local government public institutions and organizations will be increased to 1,000 people.
  • The number of graduate level graduates in the field of AI will be increased to 10,000.
  • AI applications developed by the local ecosystem will be prioritized in public procurement and commercialization will be supported.
  • An active contribution will be made to the regulatory studies and standardization processes of international organizations in the field of cross-border data sharing with reliable and responsible AI.
  • It will be ensured that Turkey is among the first 20 countries in the rankings in the international AI indices.

You can access the full text of the Circular at this link (Only available in Turkish) and the Strategy at this link