As a result of its market surveillance and inspection activities, the Department of Cosmetic Inspection (Vice Presidency of Inspectorate) published the data regarding the first three months of 2022 on products that were found to be unsafe and non-compliant, and the sanctions imposed on these products.

In the statement, it was indicated that the cosmetic inspections of 2022 were carried out primarily for the detection of non-compliant products and 397 cosmetic products were inspected in this context. Accordingly, 263 of these products were found to be non-compliant and 2 of them were detected to be unsafe.

It was announced that within the scope of inspection and surveillance activities, a total fine of TRY 330,000 was imposed due to violation of technical regulations. Furthermore, 3296 perfumes and 5324 deodorants which were counterfeit/smuggled and the manufacturer of which could not be determined were destroyed as unsafe products.

Regarding biocidal product inspections, it was pointed out that surveillance and inspection activities were carried out during the Covid-19 pandemic period, with the aim of detecting unlicensed products by conducting risk analysis and that;

  • among 27 Type-1 and Type-19 biocides that were inspected in total, 16 were found to be unlicensed and 4 were found to be non-compliant,
  • an administrative fine of TRY 537,920 was imposed in total due to non-compliance with the technical regulations.

You may access the Unsafe Cosmetic Products List dated 11 April 2022 through this link. (Only available in Turkish)