The Regulation Modifying Regulation on Electricity Market Licensing (“Amendment Regulation“) published in Official Gazette numbered 31479, and effective 9 May 2021, modifies and supersedes its regulatory predecessor, in relevant part, as follows:

  • Renewable power generation facilities, subject to their system connection agreements, are exempt from licensing requirements.
  • Legal entities wishing to install storage facilities at their sites must include a request for same in their preliminary license applications to the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (the “Authority”).
  • For pyrolytic oil and pyrolytic gas fuelled power plants, the preliminary license application must as a condition to approval stipulate that such fuel will be produced at the facility under consideration and that no other fuel will be used to generate power.
  • The Authority will determine the total power of extant units and units to be installed based upon the ratio of renewable to non-renewable generating fuel.
  • Provisions regulating establishment of combined production facilities and supplementary generation facilities in geothermal production facilities and coal-fired production facilities are abolished.
  • Applications, dated as of or after the effective date of the Amendment Regulation, for multi-source power generation facilities will be evaluated by the Authority with reference to the Amendment Regulation.

The Amendment Regulation is available at this link. (Only available in Turkish)