General Assembly decision numbered 2019/2 E., 2020/3 K., dated 20 November 2020, clarifies the two-step procedure for service of process on a party at a Central Civil Registration System (“MERNIS”) address when adequate service cannot be accomplished at last known address because it differs from MERNIS.

In such cases, service may be accomplished by including in the notice address the words “MERNİS Address,” and delivering it to principal first, if the delivery is not possible,  delivering it to the headman or elder associated with the place of the address, then attaching the notice, including the MERNIS address at which notice was also served, to the door of the party’s MERNIS address. 

To combat fraud, the General Assembly noted that the foregoing procedure is appropriate and will accomplish legally sufficient service even if the in party to be served has never resided at the specified MERNIS address or has left it permanently.

The full text of decision summarized above is available at this link. (Only available in Turkish)