Some new practices regarding the Ministry of Trade Central Registry System entered into force.

The new updates made in MERSIS are briefly as follows:

  • Board of Directors Decision Module

With the new application, it is made possible to take a resolution of the board of directors with e-signature via circular (hand circulation) on MERSIS within the scope of Article 390/4 of the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102 (“TCC”).

With this application, it becomes possible for any of the members of the board of directors to sign the draft resolution to be prepared on MERSIS with e-signature and submit it to the opinion of the other members, the other members to enter the system and embody their views on the decision with e-signature, and finally, the board of directors’ decision can be taken.

  • Assignment of a ministry representative

With the general assembly module, requests for the appointment of a ministry representative to the general assembly meetings of joint stock companies can be made electronically via MERSIS.

This application is valid in all Provincial Directorates of Commerce.

Details of the application are shown in MERSIS through a guide and video.

  • Issuing documents with secure electronic signature

The following documents can be provided with secure e-signature via MERSIS.

  • Trade Registry Certificate,
  • Center Transfer Certificate
  • Bankruptcy and Concordat Document (for Tender)
  • Status Document
  • Trade registry legislation module

The Trade Registry Legislation Module, which includes various legislative regulations such as laws, regulations and communiqués, also circular and opinions of the Ministry of Trade in the field of commercial enterprise and company law has been opened to access.

  • E-signature application update

As of April 27, 2021, e-signatures cannot be signed with old ArkSigner Client requesters in e-signature transactions at MERSIS. In order for the users to continue the e-signature process without any problems, the existing ArkSigner e-signature application installed from the desktop devices should be uninstalled and then the current version should be downloaded from the system and installed.

The informative document regarding the installation is provided via MERSIS.

  • National electronic notification system

Pursuant to the provisions of the Notification Law No. 7201 Article 7/a and the Electronic Notification Regulation published on 06.12.2018, it is possible to learn the electronic notification addresses created by PTT A.Ş. for companies, by making an inquiry from the “Company Query” field on MERSIS.

The user guide on the subject is provided at The e-mail address is given as the support line for the transactions regarding the National Electronic Notification System (UETS).

You can reach the announcement regarding the current updates in MERSIS from this link (Only available in Turkish).