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Moroğlu Arseven offers practical and grounded corporate legal advice, with a strong focus on supporting clients to meet corporate legislative and regulatory obligations without unnecessary cost or effort. The firm strives to attain an in-depth understanding of each client’s business, commercial goals, as well as its broader industry dynamics. Such board insight allows the firm to proactively tailor corporate advice during day-to-day issues, as well as during major corporate projects such as company establishment or restructures.

We advise a wide range of clients on every aspect of their corporate legal requirements. Clients include local, foreign and multi-national organisations, from small start-up ventures through to multinational and Fortune 500 companies. Moroğlu Arseven tends to support clients on a long-term basis, often meaning it supports through multiple stages of an entity’s corporate lifecycle. We support the corporate needs of publicly traded and privately held companies, as well as financial institutions and other entities.

Business Set-up

Moroğlu Arseven assists local and international clients to establish and incorporate companies, branches and liaison offices within Turkey. We support through the whole establishment process, including careful analysis of each client’s specific goals and needs, to develop a plan which establishes the most appropriate and tax efficient business structure for that client.

We provide clear explanations about company incorporation procedures, including the relative benefits and liabilities for each entity type. Our assistance includes document checklists, translation support, as well as guidance on processes to prepare and execute incorporation documents outside Turkey. We support clients through all dealings with local government authorities, such as public notaries, the commercial registry office, as well as tax authorities.

When developing and drafting the new company’s articles of incorporation, we work closely with clients to consider a range of elements which will impact during the founding process as well as through the company’s longer-term life-cycle.

We also support clients seeking to establish themselves in free trade zones, as well as other zones which are eligible for special tax treatment.

Corporate Secretarial and Housekeeping

Moroğlu Arseven supports clients on an ongoing basis, to handle all corporate secretarial and housekeeping matters, within structured annual programmes. For instance, arranging and conducting general assemblies or shareholders meetings, making applications and declarations to trade registries, drafting signatory circulars, resolutions, internal directives and change of control declarations, modifying key corporate documents, as well as handling processes to change board members or auditors.

Corporate Restructures

An entity may restructure for a range of reasons, either as a strategic and consensual decision or at the requirement of other corporate group companies, stakeholders or creditors. Restructures can have significant effects, impacting an entity’s financial resources, debt, ownership, operation, employment and tax arrangement, among others.

Moroğlu Arseven offers clients creative and pragmatic advice and alternatives during a restructure, irrespective of whether our client is the subject of the restructure, or an interested party. The firm regularly advises clients on structural options which can support a business to improve its performance, overcome operating or financial difficulties, protect future value for stakeholders, as well as protect directors and officers from unnecessary liability.

Our interdisciplinary approach means clients considering a corporate restructure will benefit from the firm’s expertise in other practice areas, such as corporate group regulations, tax, merger and acquisitions, capital markets, dispute resolution and structured finance, among others.

Insolvency, Liquidation and Bankruptcy

Moroğlu Arseven supports clients through all stages of planning and dealing with the complexities of business wind-ups, including advising debtors, creditors, interested parties and court-appointed administrators. We assist clients from end-to-end regarding all aspect of these complex scenarios, including innovative approaches to asset protection, business succession planning, director liabilities, insolvent trading restrictions, debt restructuring or consolidation, as well as advising both secured and unsecured creditors on their rights. Similarly, we assist clients to obtain injunctions, often in time-sensitive contexts, which protect entities which would otherwise be declared bankrupt by creditors.

The firm has broad experience fending off liquidation claims, dealing with insolvency disputes, as well as representing financially viable companies which encounter contractual or cash-flow problems.

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