Communiqué Amending the Communiqué on Registered Electronic Mail Directory and Registered Electronic Mail Account Addresses (“Amendment Communiqué”) issued by the Information and Technologies Authority (“ICTA”) has been published in Official Gazette numbered 31530 on 3 July 2021, and entered into force of even date.

Notable provisions of the Amendment Communiqué include:

  • A centralized registered electronic mail (“KEP”) directory (“Centralized KEP Directory”) under the supervision of ICTA, which will be operated in accordance with the information provided by the registered electronic mail service providers (“KEP Service Providers”) by ensuring its confidentiality, integrity and accessibility, will be established.
  • The procedures and principles regarding the establishment, management and operation of the Centralized KEP Directory and the obligations of the KEP Service Providers in this regard, are determined by the ICTA.
  • The Amendment Communiqué sets forth the procedures and principles regarding how to establish, manage and use the Centralized KEP Directory. In brief;
  • KEP Service Providers are obliged to be integrated to Centralized KEP Directory and to establish the necessary technical infrastructure for such purposes.
  • KEP Service Providers are obliged to update the Centralized KEP Directory according to its own records and to keep the Centralized KEP Directory records accurate and complete.
  • KEP Service Providers processes the information included in their own KEP directories regarding real and legal persons into the Centralized KEP Directory simultaneously. For the Centralized KEP Directory records pertaining to real persons; KEP Service Providers are obliged to obtain the consents of the relevant real persons (data subjects) whether their Centralized KEP Directory records are able to query or not. KEP Service Providers shall mention such info in the Centralized KEP Directory. For the Centralized KEP Directory records pertaining to legal entities, consent of the relevant legal entity is not required.
  • The Amendment Communiqué regulates the details of how the application process regarding the querying and verification of records will take place.
  • KEP account holders are obliged to notify the KEP Service Providers of any changes in their records. KEP Service Providers shall make the necessary updates in the Centralized KEP Directory in line with these notifications.
  • KEP Service Providers shall immediately fulfill the request of the real person KEP account holders regarding to be deleted from the Centralized KEP Directory. Legal entity KEP account holders cannot request to be deleted from the Centralized KEP Directory.
  • The Amendment Communiqué provides for 4-months transition period for the integrity process. KEP Service Providers must establish the necessary technical infrastructure, complete the integration process and submit the required information pertaining to existing KEP account holders by the end of this 4 months period.

The full text of the Amendment Communiqué is available at this link. (Only available in Turkish)