For the second year in a row, Moroğlu Arseven has supported the annual Geleceğin Patronları Yarışması event (“Bosses of the Future”), run by Finansbank and supported in 2015 by Koç University. Throughout the competition, entrepreneurs receive experience-based insights into business plans, capital raising, market research, governance, marketing plans and the crucial importance of each aspects in supporting growth for young businesses. Interactive presentations are given by a selected panel of academics, business people and investors, who are actively involved in the Turkish entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Within this context, Ülkü Solak, Counsel at Moroğlu Arseven, gave a presentation to private banking clients on 4 November 2015. She spoke in detail for over one and a half hours about angel investments, investor tax incentives and their criteria, as well as licensing processes, angel networks and other important legislative provisions.Moroğlu Arseven also supports the Geleceğin Patronları Yarışması program beyond presenting trainings such as these. Competition finalists receive legal assistance from Moroğlu Arseven. The firm’s pro-bono counseling services include review of term sheets, negotiation of share purchase agreements and closing of transactions.

The 2015 competition attracted around 850 entries, with 20 projects selected to progress further and receive specialized entrepreneurship education. The training included presentations by Moroğlu Arseven about legal considerations for entrepreneurs. Ülkü Solak gave a training about investment processes, including term sheets and negotiations. Yonca Çelebi, Senior Associate at the firm, gave a training about protection of intellectual property rights.

Ten of these projects were selected as competition finalists, receiving the opportunity to present their business to a panel of experienced jury members. The 2015 winner was Zaxe 3D Printing Technologies, receiving a 50,000TL prize along with legal consulting services from Moroğlu Arseven.

For further information, please see the Geleceğin Patronları Yarışmas website, or watch the video below