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Robust tax structuring is critical to protecting and supporting future business activities, as well as shareholder returns. A well-considered strategy is especially important where a client or transaction spans multiple tax-collection jurisdictions. Moroğlu Arseven has a strong track record advising corporate, industrial and individual clients about all aspects of tax and fiscal matters, in regulatory, transactional, as well as contentious contexts. These projects often involve high values, cross-border structuring, multi-entity group structures, highly complex and technical issues, or severe consequences for non-compliance.

Moroğlu Arseven integrates tax, fiscal and public regulatory considerations into all commercial and corporate advice to develop the most efficient tax structures and arrangements possible. These contexts include commercial transactions, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, joint ventures, cross-border investments, workforce restructures, cross-border profit repatriation issues, as well as equity and debt financing projects. Often these projects require detailed comparative analysis of tax structures between Turkey and other countries.

The firm has significant experience supporting businesses to take advantage of the various tax amnesties, exemptions or incentives which the Turkish government offers from time to time. Similarly, we have extensive experience assisting clients to plan and execute tax strategies for entering the Turkish market for the first time, as well as establishing themselves in free trade zones, or other zones and regions which are eligible for special tax treatment.

We work closely with clients to ensure they avoid unnecessary penalties and administrative fines for regulatory non-compliance, or which may result from investigations. In the corporate context, we have particular expertise advising clients about direct and indirect tax risks, tax treaties, arms-length aspects of transfer pricing, directors’ liabilities for public debts, as well as dealing with all aspects of tax evasion allegations. Tax liabilities and rates change depending on how agreements or contracts refer to the goods/services. Therefore, we often advise clients on how best to describe goods/services to minimise their tax liability, while avoiding becoming misleading.

The firm’s comprehensive tax and fiscal regulatory expertise allow us to support clients in all contact and conflicts with the Turkish Tax Authority or Ministry of Treasury and Finance, as well as provide strong representation before the tax and administrative courts.

We regularly advise manufacturers, retailers and importers/exporters about tax processes, rights and liabilities for their products, region or product-based investment incentives, as well as strategies for pursuing damages which arise from taxation.

We also advise high net-worth individuals regarding tax issues impacting on estate planning and inheritance matters, or executive compensation issues.

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