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Smoothly operating contracts are essential to a business’ daily operations and profitability. Moroğlu Arseven has extensive experience representing local, foreign and multi-national corporations with all types of commercial contracts. The firm works closely with clients to understand and advise on how a given commercial agreement will support it to achieve individual business goals, irrespective of the industry. These contracts often involve cross-border elements, multiple parties and dependencies, or relate to a critical aspect of our clients’ businesses.

Our support encompasses all aspects of commercial contract arrangements, such as developing negotiating strategies, assisting during complex negotiations, drafting agreements, making detailed or red-flag contract reviews, as well as localising clients’ international contract approaches or templates. We also support clients with the logistics of managing large portfolios of commercial contracts, to ensure these are consistent and enforceable in Turkey.

Our diverse experience means we are equipped to provide clear and commercially savvy analysis of the legal risks attached to commercial contracts, actively supporting our clients’ needs and best interests. Our support maintains a focus on ensuring commercial contracts are clear and appropriate, with balanced risks, as well as do not expose our clients to unnecessary legal, financial, or commercial risks. We work closely with clients to develop bespoke contracting strategies, to ensure these tactics reflect the commercial drivers and regulatory pressures facing each business.

We regularly support our clients to negotiate and draft core operational and commercial agreements for the transfer of goods, rights, and services. These often relate to the manufacture, sale, purchase, lease, consignment and storage of goods and services. Our extensive experience with all types of commercial agreements means we can draw insights from having previously represented entities on either side of any given agreement. This insight allows us to better advise our clients on the legal and strategic alternatives available to them in their present circumstances, as well as what the counterparty may do. It also means that we provide clients with experience-based advice regarding their legal options and associated risks when renewing, amending or terminating commercial agreements.

We often support clients to develop standard template terms and conditions, for use with a range of stakeholders, including franchisees, suppliers, distributors and customers. We tailor these to each client’s business and industry, including procedures for dealing with disputes and contract terminations.

Our strong dispute resolution team and integrated approach mean we also effectively support clients with all aspects of contract disputes, terminations and enforcement procedures.  We adopt a range of tools from mediation or other alternative dispute resolution techniques, through to formal litigation. Our support includes integrating dispute resolution procedures into contracts even before a conflict arises, as well as supporting clients to access and implement these procedures. Our support focuses on ensuring disputes are resolved as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible, with the least business interruptions that can be expected in the circumstances.

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