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Moroğlu Arseven’s strengths in traditional employment services, combined with litigation, transactional, corporate governance and anti-corruption practices mean the firm offers effective support for all aspects and stages of employment disputes. Our full-service approach allows clients to comprehensively deal with a particular problem or systemic issues which may underlie the conflict, in a cost-effective and uninterrupted manner.

We regularly support clients from the early stages of employment disputes and whistleblowing incidents, to ensure clients handle these evolving disputes, investigations or systemic issues procedurally correctly. Such emphasis sets a solid legal foundation for our clients so that if litigation later occurs, the company is as protected as possible.

The firm provides practical solutions for addressing employment-related conflicts. Our support focuses particularly on resolving issues as quickly as possible, so also often includes pre-emptive elements to address and mitigate problems before they arise.

We offer comprehensive advice and negotiation support during employee disciplinary processes, disputes, termination procedures, as well as while developing severance packages or conducting risk-assessment for director and board liabilities. Support includes negotiating and drafting employment contracts, termination letters and warning letters, as well as other sensitive documents.

Our experience representing clients in employment lawsuits and related settlements covers a wide range of topics. These include workplace accidents, pension and social security issues, severance packages, wrongful terminations, constructive dismissals, overtime, workplace unionisations, passive protests, as well as mobbing and re-employment claims, among many other issues.

Moroğlu Arseven is particularly active in supporting clients which require an efficient and cost-effective approach to managing large portfolios of employment lawsuits. The firm has broad experience in this area, representing clients in more than 5,000 employment cases over its history.

Simultaneously, the firm has extensive experience structuring and implementing less formal dispute resolution procedures for employment conflicts, such as mediation, conciliation and arbitration. Often these methods present less costly and more time-efficient alternatives for clients

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