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Moroğlu Arseven offers end-to-end support for all aspects of employment relationships, including disciplinary processes, terminations and disputes. The firm supports employers, C-Suite members and labour unions to understand, protect and assert their rights in this context, often advising clients in contentious, cross-border, or transactional circumstances.

We support clients to establish and manage a variety of employment agreements and policies. Our advice often includes sensitive or urgent topics such as appropriate hiring practices, discipline, discrimination or harassment issues, accidents, termination and re-structuring procedures, as well as guidance for drafting or applying human resources policies.

Negotiating and managing employee benefits and compensation can be a delicate task for parties on either side of the negotiating table. Moroğlu Arseven has broad experience advising in this context, helping employers and employees, including expatriate employees and foreign companies which employ staff in Turkey. Issues include compensation packages, security and pensions, tax structuring, loyalty and confidentiality requirements, stock option plans, collective bargaining issues, as well as restructures, termination and severance packages. We regularly support clients to navigate the complicated and bureaucratic procedures for hiring foreign employees in Turkey, including immigration, tax and contractual aspects.

The firm works closely with clients to deal with employment law as these issues arise in their daily business, aiming for our services to seamlessly support clients’ day-to-day human resources operations. These issues include ad hoc questions, as well as working with clients to audit or develop structured regulatory compliance programs, addressing areas such as privacy, health and safety, anti-corruption and executive liability, among others. We work closely with clients to develop customised policies and compliance strategies which are tailored to each company’s specific business aims, industry considerations, or health and safety issues.

We advise on all aspects of establishing, managing and terminating outsourced or offshored arrangements. These range from business process, procurement and finance services, through to customer-facing functions such as support and service centres. Our experience includes a wide range of service-provision models, including geographical optimisation, SaaS integration, or multi-sourced environments, among others.

Moroğlu Arseven offers practical support for all aspects and stages of employment disputes, boardroom conflicts and union-relations issues. The firm’s full-service approach allows clients to comprehensively deal with a particular problem or any systemic issues which may underlie the conflict, in a cost-effective and uninterrupted manner. We regularly support clients from the early stages of employment disputes and whistleblowing incidents, to ensure they handle these evolving disputes, investigations or systemic issues procedurally correctly. Such emphasis sets a solid legal foundation for our clients so that if litigation later occurs, the company is as protected as possible.

We regularly advise on employment and human resources issues during mergers and acquisitions, workforce reductions and corporate re-structures. Our support includes employment-related aspects of M&A due diligence, liability assessments, distressed sales, collective dismissals, post-merger integration, as well as drafting and enforcing restrictive covenants such as non-compete clauses. We also regularly advise clients to localise and adapt international employment policies and compensation structures to suit the Turkish environment.

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