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Moroğlu Arseven has a strong reputation for planning and executing internal investigations, as well as representing clients during regulatory or criminal investigations. The firm has built a strong track record managing clients’ business risks, including top global companies which choose the firm for their most sensitive projects where strategy and advocacy are particularly important.

Investigations regularly involve cross-border cooperation to help clients address allegations or suspicions about sensitive issues. These include bribery, corruption, money laundering, terror financing, fraud as well as sanction breaches, labour law issues, anti-trust violations and any other business crime, corporate misconduct or bad faith and trust breach issues. Conducting these sensitive and high-stakes investigations is a speciality for Moroğlu Arseven, assisting companies during preventative as well as reactive practices.

Investigations generally involve substantial coordinated input from a range of practice areas, drawing these diverse perspectives together into a tailored and systematic investigation strategy or roadmap. Matters we support our clients with during investigations typically include elements of anti-corruption, business crime, corporate governance, employment, dispute resolution, privacy, data protection and competition law.

Moroğlu Arseven provides clear and pragmatic guidance, supporting with every phase of planning and executing investigations. Common elements of these investigations include dawn raids, staff interviews or interrogations, asset tracing, drafting communications and notices, dealing with whistleblowing or criminal disclosures to government agencies, advising C-suites about their obligations and personal liabilities, managing documents and securing evidence, as well as developing leniency programs. The firm also supports during all stages of terminating employees and third-party relationships.

The firm’s strengths in bribery and corruption issues, as well as related FCPA and UKBA implications, are particularly relevant during investigations. These support clients to identify and mitigate any associated risks under extraterritorial legislation which may arise during investigations.

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