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Moroğlu Arseven has extensive experience assisting clients to consider, structure, maintain, renegotiate and terminate their business relationships. The firm has broad experience advising on consulting, services and outsourcing agreements, helping customers and service providers alike to establish long-lasting relationships, as well as resolve related conflicts.

Consulting, services and outsourcing arrangements are often essential to a business’ daily operations and profitability. They allow the company to focus on its core activities, access new skills and expertise, as well as reduce costs and risks. These arrangements can involve significant changes in how a business operates, so Moroğlu Arseven maintains a strong focus on ensuring smooth transition and implementation stages.

Moroğlu Arseven’s support encompasses all aspects of consulting, services and outsourcing arrangements, such as developing negotiating strategies, assisting during complex negotiations, drafting agreements, making detailed or red-flag contract reviews, as well as localising clients’ international contract approaches or templates. We also support clients with the logistics of managing large portfolios of these contracts, to ensure these are consistent and enforceable in Turkey.

The firm assists at all stages of considering and planning these business structures, providing grounded advice on how to implement them into existing businesses with minimum interruptions. Our guidance includes risk assessments and negotiation support, with a strong focus on working to understand companies’ specific objectives, to ensure contractual arrangement and delivery model supports these broader goals and improve efficiency, irrespective of the industry.

Moroğlu Arseven has significant experience in developing standard template terms and conditions, for use with a range of stakeholders, including suppliers, distributors and customers. We tailor these boilerplate documents to each client’s business and industry, including procedures for dealing with disputes and contract terminations.

Outsourcing agreements include business process, procurement, back office functions, facility management, logistics and warehousing, IT and financial services, through to customer-facing functions such as support and service centres. Moroğlu Arseven’s experience in this context covers a wide range of service-provision models, such as geographical optimisation, SaaS integration, multi-sourced environments and blended delivery, among others.

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