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Corporate mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, spin-offs and business restructures have become an everyday part of commercial life on the global stage. However, they are far from routine occurrences for an individual company’s or shareholder’s perspective. Rather, these represent significant milestones for an organisation, as well as valuable opportunities to consolidate, expand, or strengthen a company’s market position. They offer an exciting alternative to expand operations, increase profitability, reduce commercial risks, or revitalise a company.

Merger and acquisition deals represent a significant portion of Moroğlu Arseven’s work. The firm regularly advises clients in complex, inter-jurisdictional transactions, where strategic guidance is required to deal with legal, commercial and operational factors simultaneously. These transactions often involve high values, or complicated leveraging and equity structures. We work closely with companies, investors, financiers and shareholders through all stages of these deals, to ensure that we consider each client’s business objectives and industry dynamics, then reflect these into the transaction’s structure, risk allocation, or asset transfers.

The firm’s track record includes deals in a diverse range of industries, supporting parties in a variety of strategic positions, such as sellers, buyers, minority or private equity investors, shareholders and financial advisors. Our clients include local, foreign and multinational companies, ranging from small start-up ventures or private individual investors and shareholders, through to public blue chip and Fortune 500 companies with dominant market positions and close regulatory monitoring. We have a particularly strong track record working on deals in highly regulated sectors, such as heavy industrial, manufacturing, energy, and healthcare.

Our end-to-end transaction support stretches the full length of our clients’ deals, from assistance during initial decision-making and focused due diligence exercises, through to executing and closing transactions. Where necessary, we also support during wind-ups, demergers and investment exit mechanisms.

Our commercial awareness and integrated support across all facets of corporate law mean the firm provides transaction-related advice more comprehensively. Lawyers view the finite transaction within its broader and long-term commercial context. Our extensive experience with post-transaction issues also means we offer forward-thinking advice and recommendations, to address or mitigate potential problems which may arise down the road. Our expertise in other practice areas allows us to look beyond the rushed transaction period, to offer experience-based guidance about a deal’s likely future consequences and implications.

We have a comprehensive understanding of transaction management, deal structures, risk areas, as well as strategic approaches available during transactions, as these apply to both public and private companies. We work closely with clients to structure financial and security arrangements, to encourage commercial success and mitigate additional risks. We apply these tactically, depending on whether parties are negotiating the deal amicably, or the circumstances are contentious. Risk allocation tools range from negotiating guarantees, operational control mechanisms, minority protection rights, or conditions precedent, through to determining valuation or exit mechanisms.

Moroğlu Arseven regularly continues its relationships with clients after they finalise their initial transaction, working together on an ongoing basis to strengthen and protect the company’s presence in Turkey.

Whatever industry or activity a deal relates to, Moroğlu Arseven offers comprehensive and personable support with corporate transactions.

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