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Venture capital and private equity transactions require sophisticated legal support combined with savvy and responsive deal management, to ensure investments are well structured and profitable for all parties involved. Moroğlu Arseven provides comprehensive and flexible support during investments into growth companies at all development stages, including seed, start-up, or early-stage companies, through to more established companies seeking development, expansion or bridging finance. These investments are often cross-border, involving multiple stages or co-investors, with all the complicated tax structuring and regulatory considerations which international transactions carry.

Moroğlu Arseven’s broad experience across a range of industries allows the firm to proactively tailor venture capital and private equity advice to suit the different legal and strategic considerations which apply at each distinct business stage, supporting throughout an investment’s full life-cycle. Our clients include company founders and shareholders, as well as institutional investors and intermediaries. The firm’s experience also allows focused legal support during day-to-day fund and portfolio management, delicate management buyouts, or while exiting investments.

The firm actively works to structure investments to minimise risk exposure and ongoing compliance costs, while also reconciling complex regulatory requirements. We routinely conduct comprehensive and focused legal due diligence of investment targets and related assets. The underlying aim is to ensure investors are fully aware of a target’s legal status to identify any risks or red flags which may impact the deal’s future profitability or viability. The firm works closely with clients from the early stages of an investment, to identify critical issues, then build robust representations and warranties to mitigate and allocate risks.

We collaborate closely with clients to understand their business aims to ensure we develop the necessary legal, organisational and finance structures. Moroğlu Arseven works to ensure each transaction’s structure is appropriate for the particular client, considering its specific business goals or strategy, as well as the broader industry context. We have extensive experience advising on corporate governance, capital markets and regulatory compliance, as well as developing clear-cut term sheets, financing and security agreements. These documents support all parties to foresee and prevent potential misunderstandings or disputes.

We support clients with forming institutional funds and raising capital in Turkey via both debt and equity, as well as day-to-day advice or operational issues which funds face when receiving contributions from Turkish investors. Our guidance in this context addresses issues such as share or asset transfers, managing financially distressed businesses, investor relations, as well as dealing with management incentives, convertible debts, or portfolio management issues.

Moroğlu Arseven regularly continues its relationship with clients after an initial investment, working to strengthen and protect our client’s interests, optimise financial performance, as well as supporting in subsequent funding rounds, or helping clients to execute exit strategies.

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