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Moroğlu Arseven has significant experience assisting clients with all aspects of their sale and lease arrangements, including real estate as well as substantial assets and industrial equipment. We support clients from end-to-end, ranging from conducting due diligence, negotiating contracts, structuring guarantees and financing, through to helping with lease amendments, terminations and post-sale disputes.

The firm’s strong dispute resolution team assists clients to avoid, manage, mitigate and resolve conflicts, using a range of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms and formal forums. Where necessary to resolve a conflict or protect our client, we support with claim analysis, risk assessments, as well as represents clients before courts and during enforcement processes.

Sale and Purchase Agreements

Sale and purchase transactions can be highly-complex, with many parties, guarantees, closing stages and contingencies. Each deal is different, requiring tailored strategies and support. Moroğlu Arseven assists both buyers and sellers to navigate the transaction process, along with related parties such as financers.

We support with acquiring or disposing of all types of commercial, industrial, retail, mixed-use and residential properties. These include investments in income-producing properties, properties to be used by owner-occupiers, as well as vacant land for development, among others.

Moroğlu Arseven assists from the early stages of these transactions, conducting due diligence investigations, developing tailored strategies, as well as offering full negotiation support in order to protect our clients’ interests. The firm has particular experience helping clients to resolve title, zoning or valuation issues, deal with restrictive covenants and conditional sales, structure appropriate representations and warranties, as well as deal with chattels and fixtures.

On the finance side, Moroğlu Arseven has significant experience in negotiating, reviewing and drafting loan documents, supporting borrowers, as well as major financial institutions.

Lease Agreements

Lease agreements can have immediate consequences and long-term legal implications for both the landlord and tenant. Moroğlu Arseven supports clients with a full spectrum of property leases, including commercial, industrial, retail, mixed-use and residential agreements. The firm supports parties on both sides of leases, including tenants, as well as major property owners or facility managers which manage large portfolios of commercial and residential leases.

Moroğlu Arseven supports clients with a full spectrum of lease-related issues, including buildout and renovation rights, maintenance obligations, exclusivity, subleasing, assignment, taxes, indemnification, eviction or debt collection processes, as well as renewal and termination mechanisms.

The firm also assists clients in negotiating and structuring their ancillary business documents and commercial contracts, such as property management agreements or insurance policies.

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